An Open Knowledge Foundation Labs Project
This project is a community-driven effort from OKFN Labs – sign up now to get involved

This project is a community-driven effort of Open Knowledge Foundation Labs.

Anyone can get involved and contributions are welcome. There are 4 main areas of work:

Infrastructure & Tools

We want to make it one click or one line to create or use data provided in our standard formats in any relevant tool or application.

Help make this happen – See the Roadmap »

Patterns & Standards

We're creating lightweight standards together with simple "patterns" to guide data publishing, wrangling, and discovery.

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Documentation & Outreach

We need to provide simple tutorials and guides. We need to engage users and tell relevant communities what we're doing.

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Preparing Data

We are preparing data – both in the form of a set of core datasets and in supporting others to package their data.

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We need help suggesting, preparing and maintaining Data Package datasets. Specifically:

  • We have a "core" datasets project where we are focused on packaging up particular, high-value, commonly-used datasets. Read more here »
  • You can start packaging your own data or data you find online. Here are the instructions for getting started publishing data as data packages »